President & Founder
Tony brings a wealth of business expertise to PinnacleWare from his 20+ years of experience as a Systems Engineer and leader of IT in many large enterprise companies. Tony has experience in multiple industries from including financial services, healthcare, utilities, retail, distribution and hospitality. Tony graduated with a Computer Science degree from the University of North Carolina.


PinnacleWare, LLC has been helping clients with their technology and staffing needs since 2007. With more than 17 years of professional experience in consulting and staff placement we are experienced enough to handle any size projects.


We consult for small and large groups regardless of the company's overall size. In some cases this means a small business, in other cases it means a small group within a large company. Every case can be broken down into small groups. We assist companies in making their small groups work better.


We take great pride in our independence from vendors, manufacturers, and providers. We believe in developing solutions that best fit the situation and not forcing any one particular solutions or setup. Being independent is at the core of our business and the foundation of what sets us apart.


There is nothing more beautiful than simple, useful solutions. We approach projects with the mentality of simplifying the process. Simple solutions are clean, clear, reliable and intuitive. Complex solutions create complex problems that ends up costing more.


Our clients are our investors. We answer to them, and to them only. We believe consulting costs should be reasonable and affordable to businesses. We also believe no one should be locked into a contract for any period of time. Our contract is our quality of service.


We believe in the basics. Outstanding customer service, solutions that brings the most benefits, honest and reasonable pricing, and respect for our client’s time, money, and trust. We respect our customers above all else.


Built on the premise that independence from vendors and a specialized and exemplary knowledge base breads meaningful results, our clients can be assured that our advice and recommendations are free from conflicting interests.

Our focus is to stay abreast of the latest technologies so we can help our clients identify and implement the most effective solutions. As our client, your interest is our first priority. We will work closely with you, sharing our knowledge and experiences, to ensure the end result is successful in every project.


The Choice of Top Technologies, the Clarity of Trusted Advice
In order to provide our clients with IT infrastructure solutions and help them to achieve positive outcomes, PinnacleWare have spent the time needed to develop strong partnerships with premier IT manufacturers. Because of our relationships with every major name in the industry, we’re able to bring you independent, multi-vendor perspectives to address your unique business challenges.

We don’t stop there. We also bring you clarity and direction by helping you identify the solutions that best fit your organization needs. In the end, we’ll save you time, money and reduce complexity by providing you with the guidance and advice you need to make truly informed decisions.

Information for prospective partners: If you are interested in becoming a PinnacleWare partner, please call our customer care department.


PinnacleWare, is looking to hire several developers for SharePoint and .Net to work as a part of our Development team. The ideal candidate is a self-motivated developer who has the desire to excel in developing in .NET applications and websites and who is comfortable and competent at interacting with customers, defining requirements and managing team/project action items and priorities.

PinnacleWare has many jobs available. Apply today to be a part of our team.
Simply review the job descriptions below and send us an email with your resume to eMail.
  • Software Developers
  • SharePoint Developer
  • Sr. .Net Developer